• Providing Solutions that Work for You

    At Georgetown Family & Cosmetic Dentistry we don't want anything to come between you and a perfect smile. We accept most insurance plans and as a courtesy to our patents, we are happy to provide extended payment plans through CareCredit.com. By using CareCredit you have the ability to create a tailored payment plan to meet your needs. They offer multiple financing options that will allow you the flexibility to get the smile of your dreams. It only takes minutes to get approval when you apply at: CareCredit.com

    We also accept: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express

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    Our Financial coordinator will be happy to review your financial options with you.

  • Honor Agreement for Mutual Respect

    A basic principle of our daily practice is treating people with dignity and respect. In order for any professional relationship to work, this courtesy must be a two-way street.

    As a team we have come up with three areas in which we can honor one another with mutual respect. We have put them in writing because we live by them and ask that all of our patients live by them as well. We believe these are very necessary to the success of your treatment. We ask that you read this page thoroughly.

    Two-way Commitment to Appointment

    We believe that all treatment begun should be completed. Incomplete treatment leads to problems, complications and misunderstandings. Incomplete treatment leads to loss of teeth and further disease. We commit to be here for you. We will have a Master Plan constructed specifically for you. We will be ready to team with you for success. However, to begin staged treatment, your commitment to both starting and completing treatment is also critical.

    Two-way Commitment to Treatment

    An appointment is a reservation. As such, we reserve time specifically for you. We will strive to not keep you waiting and to give you individualized care. Although emergencies may occur, we normally book one patient at a time to ensure our focused attention. When you are here, you are our priority. In turn, an appointment written in our schedule with your name on it is a bond of trust that you will be present and on time. Therefore, our office policy in this regard is extremely firm and inflexible. You must be present for all scheduled appointments. We do not allow no-shows or constant short-notice cancellations. We require at least 48 hours notice for any schedule changes. We do not accept recorded messages as appointment cancellations or changes. All changes must be made during regular business hours so that a team member can assist you directly. We strongly believe in mutual respect for each other’s time.

    Two-way Commitment to Financial Agreement

    We will make available the best professional care, skill and judgment in planning for your dental treatment. We use only the best methods, technologies and materials known to the profession. Our team is committed to be lifelong learners as new discoveries occur in dentistry. The benefits of treatment and liabilities of neglect are always explained to the best of our ability. We always make ourselves available to answer any questions that you may have about our findings and proposed treatment. All fees will be properly explained to you and you agree to fulfill your financial commitment to our office promptly and completely. No business or practice can fulfill its mission to its patients when a bond of trust is violated by failure to pay for services. Not living up to this trust violates this important business and life principle.